Timely Warning
Possible Threat to the Community
“Your Right to Know”
Nov 11, 2015
Date and Time of Incident:
Nov 9th 2015 at 06:00pm — Nov 11th 2015 at 12:00am
Type of Report:
Incident Number:
Reported Offense:
A burglary / theft, was reported on November 11, 2015 at 12:00 AM. The reported burglary / theft occurred between November 09, 2015 and November 11, 2015 in the Penn State Schuylkill Nittany Apartments. The apartments are located adjacent to the Penn State Schuylkill campus on University Drive. As reported, unknown person(s) removed cash from the victim's wallet that was located in the victim's bedroom.
Location Description:
The incident reportedly occurred in a bedroom of the Penn State Schuylkill Nittany Apartment buildings. The apartments are located adjacent to the Penn State Schuylkill campus on University Drive.
Safety tips:
  • Keep doors and windows locked. Report inoperable locks and latches to the appropriate maintenance personnel.
  • Report all suspicious persons, vehicles, and activities to your University Police department immediately.
  • Don't compromise your safety for a roommate or friend who wants the door left unlocked.
  • Do not admit strangers into your residence hall.
  • Do not loan out your key or ID to anyone.
  • Never leave notes on your door indicating you are out for the night or out of town for the weekend.
  • Take valuables with you if you leave for an extended period of time or buy a secure safe or trunk.

It can be assumed that conditions continue to exist that may pose a threat to members and guests of the University community. It is the duty of the administration to warn of possible "dangerous conditions" on or near the campus, and at affiliate organizations off campus; an "affirmative duty" exists to warn persons associated with the University of possible peril at the hands of some third party or parties.

Penn State University Police at 570-385-6144 200 University Drive Schuylkill Haven, PA. 17972